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About me

When coming from a medical family, I know how difficult the journey should be to meet your dreams. I realized how much work and sacrifices awaited me. But I knew it would be worth it. I decided to continue my family tradition
And I worked hard while preparing for the matura exam. Uncomfortable nights and stress often accompanied me. Until the day of the exam. I was prepared and the solution was not an obstacle for me.Satisfied, I received the results of my high school diploma, which went very well. With great hope I submitted documents and applications
For admission to the Medical Schools in Poland, I had a good chance that the result of the recruitment was positive. To my surprise and sadness, my high scores
The matriculation was not enough to get into the medical direction. I was broken … it cut my wings.

My parents told me about medical studies in Ternopil, Ukraine. It turned out that some of our friends are studying there and are very happy! I almost became like a new born! My adventure of life has begun and a plethora of options have opened up for me. My dreams came true, which I fought so hard.Because of the short distance, I could go back home for the weekends to the family.

I am now a medical student and knowing how difficult it is to get on the list of medical students in Poland, I decided to start my own business and help the candidates. The positive effect of the conversation with Mr. Rector and Mr. Dean made me appoint an official representative of the University of Poland. Thanks to my actions I signed a contract with the University. I am in constance contact
With the Dean’s Office and the University Authorities, which allows me to keep up to date with the University’s affairs related to the recruitment process.

As an Official Representative and at the same time a University student knows the city well and the rules of the University. I am still available on-site, in Ternopil, I provide assistance and care for the student throughout the academic year while remaining in contact with parents / carers.

I have set up this website for you, the future students. I hope you find all useful information here if you have any suggestions or comments regarding the appearance of this web site – please write.

For more information feel free to contact : .

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