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Studia na Ukrainie Medycyna na Ukrainie Medycyna Ukraina Studia medyczne na Ukrainie Studia medyczne Ukraina Studia w tarnopolu Studiuj z nami Studia na Ukrainie Studia Ukraina Medycyna rekrutacja Medycyna w tarnopolu Oficjalny przedstawiciel tarnopolskiego uniwersytetu Rekrutacja na studia medyczne Rekrutacja na medycynę Medycyna Uniwersytet medyczny Stomatologia farmacja medycyna Progi punktowe na medycynę Medycyna na Słowacji Medycyna Bratysława Studia w Bratysławie Medycyna w Koszycach Studia medyczne w Koszycach Nostryfikacja dyplomu prywatna medycyna stomatologia farmacja

About the university

Our University was founded in 1957 as a state medical school. In 1992 it was given the name of the patron – Ivan Horbaczewskiego, and in 1997 was renamed the National Academy of Medicine, in 2004, again there has been a reorganization of the institution as a result of which was given its current name State Medical University.

How classes take place?
Plan a semester, he presents what classes will be held a particular day. Classes are held according to the following order:

9: 00-10: 30 First class
10: 30-11: 10 Break
11: 10-12: 40 lecture
12: 40-13: 30 Break
13: 30-15: 00 second class.
For one day of classes falls: one lecture and two practical.

Among the 549 academics, two thirds are graduates of the university. At 41 departments working here 86 doctors of sciences, professors and 297 PhD students, lecturers (including members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Meritorious activists of Science and Technology, education workers, winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in the field of Science and Technology and 2 Distinguished Inventors and 3 Meritorious Doctors Ukraine). In the period of 2002-2012 it has been defended 58 doctoral and 282 master’s theses.

Teaching foreigners
The graph shows the increase in the number of students of our University in the years 1999-2013 on our University trained over 3,500 students, of whom 800 are foreigners from 51 different countries, of which 90% are taught in English. On the basis of experience gained from US and European universities, introduced new forms of organization of learning, a series of practices, which semester to check the students through independent centers of testing, a network of scientific systems based on Internet-technology, which was created in the image of a modern European system and completely different from the technology adopted in other Ukrainian universities. The introduction of an independent test center prevented the appearance of corruption at the university. Our teachers have created over 250 scientific and multimedia discs, which are electronic books, films and scientific verification tests. Also introduced a computer system to control and test the knowledge of students on the basis of technology, I pray in order to check their level of knowledge and preparation for classes.

The University operates research and teaching within the following departments:

  • Faculty of Medicine,  
  • Faculty of Pharmacy,  
  • Faculty of Dentistry,  
  • Department of Foreign Students.

The experiments are carried out in five laboratories that have passed the state accreditation and received a certificate of qualification. Every year in the Congress Centre of the University held 30 national and international scientific meetings.

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