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Access to Ternopil should augment any problems. There are many alternative bus routes, draft and aircraft.1. By plane: When traveling by air, you will need to change in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk on the bus or train directly to Ternopil.
2. Arrival by car: If you select drive your own car, we recommend to cross the border in points:
This is dictated by the close proximity to the city of Ternopil, ease of travel, and the occurrence of a simplified form of border control by the entrance to the “European belt.”
3. There is a possibility of a pedestrian crossing the border. Getting to the border crossing hiking and then access
from the border to Lviv and further to Ternopil. Thanks to the numerous bus connections will be most convenient to the border crossing at the MEDICA.

Below you will find redirected to preview on both sides of the border. This allows us to see how big the queue to the border crossing, and what is the estimated time at the border.

Preview on the Polish side of the border

Preview on the Ukrainian side of the border

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